Learning about the culture of Benin, Acer Tree Assembly 26th May 2016


Today Acer Tree shared all the learning that they have done about Benin.  We found out where the society was based, when it was at its height and saw lots of art work inspired by the artwork of this awesome civilisation.  Beautiful printed fabrics and some particularly good singing lifted all our spirits.  Thank you for your assembly Acer Tree.

acer tree benin


Reception Classes Assembly 19th May 2016


self portrait drawings

Well done and thank you reception children and staff.  We were thoroughly entertained by all your work.  We saw paintings and drawings as well as written work.  You also danced, read and even sang to us!  There was an excellent turn out of parents to support children in this very impressive performance and celebration of all they have learned in their first year at school.

we can dance we can draw we can sing




African Olive Hydrodynamics and Forces Assembly


African Olive amazed and fascinated us all with their wonderful assembly about forces.  They described a wide range of forces they had observed while doing interesting experiments in class.  They communicated clearly about what they had done and Miss Tippet was proud to say that they had compiled the assembly almost without her help.  Well done African Olive – we are very impressed with our Bannerman scientists!

IMG_6033 small IMG_6038 small

Bay Tree Habitat Assembly


Bay Tree habitat assembly

Bay Tree asked the question ‘Can parrots and penguins live together?’.  They answered this question with singing and art work and by telling us all about different habitats.  Everybody agreed that penguins and parrots do not live together because they are comfortable in very different habitats!  Parrots like warmth and penguins are perfectly adapted to very cold weather.  Well done Bay tree – we enjoyed your assembly.

School Council Assembly


School Council has been working hard to better represent all the children in the school.  Today’s assembly was an insight into what school council does and they asked everyone ‘What can we do for you?’  Let’s all get involved and give them our ideas to make Our School the best it can be!


Acacia Tree Assembly


Today Acacia Tree dazzled us with their knowledge of the Roman invasion.  Read about some of the things they found out:-

Acacia Tree class assembly no video

Here are Acacia Tree delivering their assembly to the whole school






Acer Tree ‘How does Iron Man work?’ Assembly


Acer tree informed and entertained us with their assembly about magnetism.  They demonstrated how magnets attract and repel and illustrated the design process that they had gone through to design their own Iron Man robots!


How magnets work


Acer Tree’s Iron Man robot designs


African Olive assembly programming with ‘Scratch’



Today African Olive class showed us what they have learned about coding.  With lots of video examples to illustrate all aspects of their work including making a ‘sprite’ and ‘debugging’ the class joined the rest of the school watching their interesting powerpoint.

Click here to find out more about Scratch:-



Apple Tree class assembly ‘Dry Bones!’


Today the whole school enjoyed a lively performance by Apple Tree Class.  Everybody spoke up – well done!  We all learned a lot about our skeletons; what the different bones are for and how they work.  There was singing and even a dancing skeleton which was very funny.  Apple Tree class must have been working really hard on their topic enquiry to give such a good assembly.


What does the skeleton do?


What is a skeleton made of?


Simon says ‘do you know your skeleton?’


Joining in with the dancing skeletons!

MVI_1182  A very short video clip

to enjoy the ‘Dry Bones’ song click here!

Banana Tree Class Assembly


Banana Tree have been working hard!  Everyone enjoyed their assembly which was full of number songs and adjectives to describe the Three Little Pigs story.




Assembly PP

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